Responsive Advertising Demo Page

Responsive Banner Advertising as referenced recently by the IAB as Responsive Creative (RC) is an approach to best crafted one-ad-fits all for an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices (from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones).

At ResponsiveAds we have a "fluid" solution for Responsive Creative or Responsive Banner Advertising called STRETCH™. Marketers can upload a creative and it dynamically gives you an ad that you can change for any break point you like. Below is a description and some examples of different types.

Leaderboard Ad Example - IAB 728x90 Programmatic STRETCH™ Ad
(IAB Standards 728x90 utilized)

The Leaderboard Ad is an example of a STRETCH™ Ad that fits from screen to screen with different breakpoints. The ad itself is 728x90 and can fill any existing 1st party ad slot, However, it can also fit the left-Right Spaces around it.

Tower Ad Example - IAB 160x600 SWAP™ Ad
(IAB Standards 160x600 utilized)

The Tower on the left of the screen SWAPS at the breakpoints from 160x600 => 970x60 => 728x60 => 468x60 => 300x50. Serveral IAB Standard Sizes at utilized. It also snaps to the bottom of the screen.

These type of Adhesion Snaps are a very powerful way to keep ads above the fold from screen-to-screen as a "bundled" product for sale.

Could also be a 300x250 or even 300x600 Adhesion Snap

Rectangle Ad Example - IAB 300x250 Programmatic STRETCH™ Ad
(IAB Standard 300x250 utilized)

The Rectangle on the Right of the screen is also a Programmatic STRETCH™ type. It can fit the 300x250 ad slot, but when the screen changes from desktop to Tablet and mobile, it can fit the left and right spaces.